The American Friends of the Ghetto Fighters’ House Museum supports the first and most unique Holocaust Museum and Educational Center in the world. Established by the hands of Holocaust survivors and partisans, freedom fighters from the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, this magnificent facility not only preserves the history of Jewish freedom-fighters but also sets the stage for future generations to come together and explore peaceful solutions to today’s conflicts.

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Special Events for the American Friends of the Ghetto Fighters’ hosted by Raya Strauss Bendror

In early November, philanthropist Raya Straus Bendror, president and co-owner of Strauss Investment Company hosted two special evenings for The Ghetto Fighters’ House Museum at the Kimberly Hotel in New York.  Another evening was hosted in partnership with the Northern New Jersey Jewish Federation at the home of Angelica Berrie, a close friend of Ms. Strauss Bendror.  The Raya Strauss Bendror is active in bringing out the best in Western Galilee, including the Ghetto Fighters’ House Museum.  Amy Miller, American Friends of the GFH Chairperson was also instrumental in hosting the events.  The evenings were to help re-launch the American Friends of the Ghetto Fighters’ House.

At the Kimberly events, Israeli Consul, Ido Aharoni introduced the program.  General Director, Dr. Anat Livne addressed the group by explaining the many facets of the museum.  In addition, a new film produced by Racheli Swartz, was shown telling about the deep-rooted history of the museum and its founders.  Amy Miller spoke about her years of involvement with the museum, sharing a special, personal moment from her son’s Bar Mitzvah that was held in the T’filat Ha’Adam Synagogue on the museum campus.  Guests were surprised by the breadth of the work of the GFH and touched by the personal stories that were presented.


Consul Ido Aharoni at the event

Mitchell Rosensweig CFO of JNF, Russell Robinson CEO of JNF and Dr. Anat Livne at the Kimberly

Sigal Bendror, Renee Meltzer and Tal Freiman

Steven and Rita Meed

Charlie Rose, Richard Miller, Larry Brown, Karen Brown

Gillie Glattner, Anat Rubin & Zahav Wolosky


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