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The only thing worth fighting for is peace.

The American Friends of the Ghetto Fighters’ House Museum (AFGFHM) was established with a dual mission. The organization, a registered 501-C3, strives to support and promote The Ghetto Fighter’s House Museum and its Center for Humanistic Education (CHE) by building awareness of its programs and activities throughout the United States. And, we seek to actively engage North American support in sponsoring Ghetto Fighters’ House programs through donations that will ensure its legacy in the future.

AFGFHM is actively building programs to encourage travelers to Israel to include a visit to the Museum in their itinerary. We hope to increase the number of families who make this beautiful facility on Kibbutz Lohamei Haghetaot a B’nai Mitzvot destination.

The freedom fighters who built this magnificent memorial to the human spirit have inspired new generations to build a pathway to peace through the Center for Humanistic Education that is based at GFHM. This Center brings together diverse people who seek to break down stereotypes and barriers to peaceful coexistence.

Programs are being developed in the United States that encompass educational initiatives based on the resources and philosophy of the Museum. Plans are underway to provide innovative, interactive cultural programming in English directly with the Museum in Israel.

AFGFHM currently has offices outside of Washington, DC area and in New York City. Your gift can help to preserve this treasure of Jewish history and to “wage peace” through the Center for Humanistic Education.

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