Educational Programs

Anne Frank HouseThe Education Division of the Ghetto Fighters’ House offers a range of educational programs including study days, seminars, workshops, and guided tours of the museum.
The Holocaust is part of the Jewish people’s collective memory and a central component of Jewish identity. At GFH, our role as teachers and educators is to preserve that memory and transmit the heritage of the Holocaust, which has at its center the story of Jewish resistance, to future generations. The fallout from the events of the Holocaust has the potential of provoking a corresponding aggressiveness and a despairing loss of faith among humanity, but also likely to bring about a reinforcement of the commitment to life and humanistic values –- and the choice is in our hands.
In the aftermath of the Holocaust there is a need to construct a Jewish and Israeli identity based on ethical and moral values, and a creativity drawing upon Jewish culture, while maintaining an awareness of every manifestation of brutality, racism, and intolerance.

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