The Museum & Kibbutz

Ghetto Fighters’ Kibbutz (Lohamei Haghetaot in Hebrew) was established in April 1949 on a hill overlooking the Acre valley using old buildings of the British Army. Among the founders, all of whom were Holocaust survivors, were the last remaining survivors of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, partisans, prisoners of concentration camps, those who went into hiding using a false identity and those who escaped to the USSR. Upon immigrating to Israel, the pioneers established a kibbutz in order to commemorate their families that perished during the Holocaust. The ground breaking ceremony was set for April 1949, on the sixth anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Revolt. On that same day, the foundations were laid for the first museum in the world to document the Holocaust of European Jewry.  In August 1949, the first baby was born on the Ghetto Fighters’ House. The first couples began to marry. For the first time after the long years of suffering and wandering, the kibbutz members began to feel as if they have a permanent home and that their suffering had come to an end.

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